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About Us

Accountable people

Knowledge, effort and proactivity


We keep our promises and we do our best to exceed your expectations. We enjoy our job and are happy to put our greatest effort in our projects to make sure that our delivery will make you as happy as we are.

Our people have a strong business organisation, risk management and compliance background and are always aware of the wider picture of your organization in order to adapt and deliver what you need when you need it.

Our methods are structured, yet we are always ready to step out of the line to match your real needs and use our experience and expertise to provide you with truly customized support.


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Our Partner

Luca Frigerio

CEO and Partner


Lean Compliance®

We have created a framework for managing multiple compliance requirements in the most effective manner. We analyse your processes to identify all of the applicable rules and regulations – both mandatory and voluntary. We aim at the creation of a holistic system capable of managing compliance risks through the creation of rules and tools that satisfy multiple requirements and enable the creation of control synergies.

Project & Programme Management

Whether you need to go through an organizational change, manage new risks or face a new compliance challenge, we help you use your own people to reach your target. Our Project e Programme Managers walk you through change management projects and offer the most advanced team collaboration solutions to provide you with efficient task based management and useful project analytics, including time tracking and workload forecasts. We work with dispersed teams as much as with on-site teams and adapt our project management tools accordingly.

Process improvement & Quality management

Our team has an extensive experience in process analysis and improvement in various industries. We take great pride in our bottom-up approach, based on careful data collection through interviews with the people doing things in order to take into due consideration all relevant aspects and issues. Our solid risk management and compliance knowledge are valuable resources when it comes to process design as we are able to smoothly fit all of the requirements and constraints into the workflows and the behavioural standards.

Business Continuity & Smart Working

We help companies build organisational resilience through smart and effective business continuity strategies within your technical and financial boundaries. We help organisations in the choice of smart working solutions which may be used to improve everyday business activity rather than only being useful in event of a disruption. Our ISO 22301 compliant approach is based on thorough process understanding in order to build business resumption plans on robust resources.


Many of our professionals have a long history as qualified auditors on organisational models, control systems, management systems, risk management and compliance schemes. Our approach is practical and respectful of people’s work and we are able to provide valuable insights to our clients which are conveyed through lean deliverables. Most of our consulting projects involve auditing activities but we also offer independent auditing services.


We plan and deliver a range of training activities for managers and employees based on our different areas of expertise. Training is entirely planned according to the specific requirements defined with every client and our trainers are selected among experienced professionals.

Risk Management & Internal Control Systems

Our consulting team has an extensive risk management experience based on different methodologies. We strongly value the importance of a careful risk analysis and evaluation in order to provide our clients with useful recommendations and build adequate and properly functioning control systems.


Some of the clients our professional team has worked for.

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Via Cantonale 6 6901 Lugano Switzerland


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